You’re invited

Please show your support for Bill Baird and his school board bid by dropping by his Meet & Greet. Beverages and snacks will be provided. Informal…come as you are.

  • WHEN: Thursday, March 20 and Friday, March 21
  • TIME: 4-6 p.m.
  • WHERE: 304 SE Third Street. Lee’s Summit (next to Sonic)

Hope to see you there!


Elect Bill Baird

BillPortraitI am a candidate for the Lee’s Summit R-7 School Board. I have been striving to make a difference in education for the the Lee’s Summit School District in the following ways:


The Lee’s Summit Educational Foundation raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for our schools. Technology, such as Chrome Books and audio enhancements, scholarships for students, and PEAK grants for the teachers in the classroom are all the result of the gracious financial support of our community.

I have served the following roles within the organization.

  • Board of Director – 8 years
  • Development Chair – 6 years
  • Executive Committee – 6 years
  • Taste of Lee’s Summit Chair – 3 years


I volunteer hundreds of hours each year in the schools for student activities such as:

  • Athletics and volunteer coaching
  • Booster Club Board Member (2012-13) and Volunteer
  • Partners in Education participation with myself and my employees


The Lee’s Summit Chamber is a strong advocate for education and the Lee’s Summit School District.  The Dancing with the Chamber Stars event has raised tens of thousands of dollars for scholarships for students the last few years. My wife and I participated in this event as dancers in 2012 and helped raise nearly $30,000.

  • Served as a Lee’s Summit Chamber Board of Director for the last 3 years
  • Awarded the Board Member of the Year for 2013


As a board member, I would collaborate and give objective feedback while staying focused on the district’s mission, vision and commitment statements. I would like to come together as a team of representatives for all community members as we carry out our fiduciary duties for one of the finest school districts in Missouri.

We have the finest teachers and administration in Missouri and I want to ensure that they are given the tools, training, and support they need to provide the best education in the state.

I would be an advocate for technology in the classroom to help enhance the learning process. The district made monumental steps last year toward putting technology in the hands of every student. I would like to see the path towards one to one technology in the classroom continue.

I would support extracurricular opportunities for our students to help them develop and grow as individuals because strong activities and programs are a way to generate school pride and a sense of community.


The Lee’s Summit School District’s mission is to prepare each student for success in life. I believe preparing our students for success in life means we are protecting and developing our students “physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally.”  To be the finest school district we can be, we must collaborate, work together as a team, and stay focused on our mission.

The relationship between the Board Members and the Superintendent should be seen as a partnership. The administration will give their analysis, expert opinions and vision, while the Board Members will govern the organization and give their input regarding policy, strategy and the vision of the organization. The superintendent will facilitate the strategies, focus on the day-to-day operations and execute the policies. The Board should not be overly involved in day-to-day operations and decisions, but needs to be informed of material information to help support the decisions and execution of policies by the administration.

The Board Member position comes with much responsibility in the way of legal and ethical fiduciary duties. We must ask questions, request due diligence, serve on task force committees and make the best effort to vote without partisanship. Of utmost importance, board members must be good stewards of the communities’ resources.

A Board Member has to consider the moral and ethical ramifications of any decision. The Board Member position is not for someone who likes to avoid conflict and maintain cohesiveness at all cost. It is very important to work as a team, with everyone focused on the same goals and objectives. However, a healthy team environment encourages critical thinking, honest evaluation, transparency and accountability.

I will encourage an environment of honest evaluation and accountability and keep the focus on our mission statement and objectives. I would like to come together as a team of representatives for all community members as we carry out our fiduciary duties for one of the finest school districts in Missouri.